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By the Grace of God in Jesus I’ve posted this blog. All I can do is plant. It is God who gives growth. To date I have a pitiful crop. And I suspect it will remain that way till I am dead. Why is that so? It is God’s to know the reason why I’ve been ignored on here and in my life. I know I had the opportunity to preach for Him and I threw it away. Others will post billions of words and get noticed. They post everything from utterly Godlessness to truly beautiful and eternal truths. Where, then, do I sit in this world?

May God be true and every man a liar. All I can do is point to the Glory of God in Christ Jesus. I wonder how Rahab felt after the fall of Jericho. She had made her living as a hooker in a city full of godless behavior. After the city was taken it says nothing more about her life and experience as she lived among the Jews. But I find it hard to believe she was accepted any more than I am. All she knew and the people of Jericho, who’s blood seeped into the ground around her, were fading into obscurity. So it is with me. All I’ve known and the people I’ve spent time with are fading into the ground. And soon I will join them in the darkness of history.

I remain connected to the Lord. But I am seperated from God’s people. God only knows what is to become of these words. But one thing is sure. I will side with God and reject the call of sleep the world cries out. Though I am absolutely unworthy to claim any righteousness or holiness, it is God who will reign forever. All men will fade away into utter darkness unless they, in their lives here, cry out to the Father of heaven through the Blood of Jesus. I rest in the mighty hand of the Lord to pluck me from the eternal fire. By Your Grace Father. I ask your mercy for such a tremendous fool such as I. And I ask you to give growth to the words in this place. Wether I see your powerful hand here or have to wait till that day, it makes little difference. It’s Your kingdom. It’s Your will. It’s Your blazing Holiness that will remain forever.



Written by buttermilk80

July 31, 2010 at 11:51 am

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