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The following is a letter sent to Glenn Beck. It is mentioned that his email receives over 4000 letters a day. It’s not likely that mine will even be opened. But I thought it important to write and thought also that it might be good to post it here.

I’ve been listening off and on for a very long time. I’ve heard you speak of faith in Jesus in generalized terms before. And I hoped you’d enter into the “real” war, that is the war between Good and evil. I was very pleased to listen to your monolog today. You’ve fallen on your sword before. But it’s good to hear you openly profess your active faith. And it’s good to hear your faith growing. There is little doubt that when the persecution begins, those who speak the loudest will be the first to be invited to take part in suffering. I do not wish it on anyone. But let’s not ignore the necessity of this suffering. The Bible plainly tells us that such things must happen to those who believe. And that as the end appears, the suffering will grow.

I am of the people who would wish that such things would just begin. I’ve heard and seen the demise of this nation for decades. I’m 58 this year and have seen a great deal of sin become the acceptable norm for this nation. I’ve seen the stores begin to remain open on Sunday when I was a child. I’ve seen the courts embrace divorce as though it’s a simple contractual excersize. I’ve watched children become participants in glamour pagents. And I’ve seen the primary function of politicians become “who can tell the biggest wopper” and get away with it. It’s as though a bully keeps telling you how he’s going to rip you open some day. At some point you just egg him on to “get er done”.

Within the context of history, there has never been such a wicked generation. And I’m torn regarding what to desire. Seeing how wicked we have become, I would wish that God would move to reestablish His peace. It is the peace of God and His kingdom that has suffered the greatest loss. And no suffering on the part of any man can equal the suffering God has experienced because of sin. Then I consider the possibilities of destruction that will surely come to those who hate God. And I fear for the eternal lives of these people. How loud and hedious will the howls of eternal and perfect bodies be when they realize their eternal fate? “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

If I look at what’s happening in America I am brought to awe at how stupid all these happenings are. The folly of sin in America is astounding. But I also have learned that if something is happening that goes beyond the spectrum of human understanding, it’s likely God is actively involved. The Bible tells us that it is God who selects leaders. Ok. So I believe God. It is God who has allowed Obama and his staff to rise to the top. God will protect these people until they have fulfilled their tasks. What seems foolish to us is not foolish to God. Sin will be dealt with, both on earth and for eternity at the judgment throne of God. The people of America have abandoned God and His ways. And He has given us over to the desire of our hearts. What we are experiencing is God abandoning the wicked to their own desires. We read in Revelation that, though He sends the wicked trouble, they will not repent of their ways and turn to Him. I believe God. What He says will happen.

I might have wandered a bit in this letter. But I hope the message is clear. 1. I applaud you and your boldness. 2. There are many like me who sit ready to taste what’s coming. 3. God will win His peace back. 4. All who practise evil and ungodliness will be destroyed. 5. Before the destruction of the wicked, those who desire God and His way will suffer persecution. 6. Though we stand together in Christ, we will stand alone in our suffering (but for the presence of Christ in us).

Father, I praise you for your great wisdom in all your judgments. May your peace remain forever. I thank you for Glenn and his ministry. You have raised him up for such a time as this. As you are protecting president Obama in the tasks you have given him to do, I ask you to protect Glenn as an adversary to evil. By Your great Grace and Mercy, I thank you and hold on to you through the blood of your beautiful Son Jesus. In who’s name I present this prayer. Amen.



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July 13, 2010 at 10:54 am

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