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I’m bothered by what I hear in the Christian media and talk shows lately. I know we have political chaos today. And I know there is only one fix to the problem, that is to get rid of corruption in government. But how that gets done is something curious. Where do I find myself used and useful in the deletion of sin in those who lead America?

In order to begin the search of the conclusion to this matter I have to look back to history. It is possible that we live in the worst times ever to have taken stage in this world. But what we experience is not that much removed from the experience of those who went before us. Even in the best possible of times in history, corruption and confusion was the order of the day politically and socially. If we look back we are less likely to repeat the faults of humanity. And if we look back we are less likely to see our problems as larger than life. What worked before in the supression of corruption in a nation?

Here’s the question: How much of what we can do as man is useful and expedient in restoring righteousness in a nation? And how much of what God does becomes useful and expedient in restoring righteousness in a nation?

Man can point out that something is wrong. But we find ourselves limited to that role only. And there were many times in history when man thought everything was just fine, yet God pointed out that something was wrong. What do we know as to the “why” of the state of our nation? A man has a bad habit of smoking. Most people would look at that and tell him it’s bad. But can anyone tell him why he smokes? Perhaps we can use science to provied him some direction in identifying that smoking is wrong. But can science really point to the moment when his personality adopted a tendency toward bad behavior? Likely not. In the same way, we might be able to point to corruption and say it’s wrong. But do we know the reasons why these people in leadership chose to do the wrong things? Likely not.

We know corruption is sin. But only God knows the heart. Restoring righteous leadership in America then must demand a reliance on God’s work and will. So why are the Christian media pointing at the voters and saying that we can change the landscape of our current government? Perhaps they would do better to serve the Lord’s people with a steady diet of God’s will for His people. Perhaps by drawing us back to the level path of reliance on our Holy God’s powerful hand we might enable His people to follow the reconstructive path.


Written by buttermilk80

May 24, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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