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The men of old understood that the word “holiness” was something different.  The only way to define holiness is to say it is different.  God is not like us that we should be able to understand His holiness.  We make up our definition of the word holiness according to our limited knowledge of what is holy and right and pure.  But we are full, steeped and overflowing with sin.  We are filthy and overwhelmed with wickedness.  How can we understand the nature of holiness? 

There is One who is Holy.  Every place we see testamony of those who encountered the glory of God, we see fear and a terrible awareness of their sin.  Not only their own sinfulness, but the sinfulness of the place in which they reside.  If this is the case of those who were chosen by God to encounter what is holy, what will become of those who live unholy lives?  If there is a beautiful, unspeakably beautiful, place for those who love the Lord.  How unspeakably horrible is the place of those who do not? 

I write this post to challenge my fellow sinners to seek the Lord’s ways.  It is a warning which stands near the Holy warnings of righteous men.  Do not consider that I am a sinner and therefore have no right to judge you.  That would be a foolish response to the intent of this post.  I do not judge as God will judge.  Rather consider the Holiness of God.  Consider your own failings and look toward the day promised when all men are to be judged according to their deeds. 

Consider, please, what death you chose.  Move toward the portal of death that best suits your willingness to serve the eternal God.  Either move toward destruction and everlasting torment.  You will find the mouth of this portal exceedingly wide and easy both to find and enter.  Or you might want to seek that tiny hole in the Mountain of God which leads to the Glory of God.  The light of which appears as a pin hole in the Great Mountain.  You might say to yourself, “I wish to praise the Lord of Light forever.  For He has shown mercy to the undeserving.  He has held His hand from wrath against those who speak against Him.  They speak things which they should not.  And they don’t notice their folly.  Yet, He has held his hand back from destroying them.  In this He has given grace to all.  That those who seek Him might find Him.” 

God in Heaven, I seek your mercy in this place.  I beg that your power be placed on the words here, for the sake of your Great Glory and the frailty of man.  We are but a vapor dispersed by a breeze.  You are eternal, good, pure, powerful and Holy.  Please allow that some will heed what is contained here.  I thank you, Lord of Glory, for Your Son.  That you have made a way for all who desire to find You.  You did not leave us in our filth to die and never to rise again.  You have provided a place of help and hope.  For this You shall receive praise for eternity from those who wash their robes in the Blood of the Lamb. 

All praise to the Father for the mercy he rains down on those who seek His Glorious face.  In the name of Jesus, this place is plowed and sown.  May God grant growth to fruitfulness.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

May 17, 2010 at 8:14 am

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