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When a rejection comes because of Jesus, what should we think?  Last night I posted something on a board.  Most of the time I just start typing and let the Lord lead.  It’s rare that I’ll consider what I should say before I type.  At the end of the message I typed something that is important to all people who would embrace the message of the Gospel in such a way as to alienate themselves from the world. 

If I have some hedious defect on my face I might get used to people walking away from me.  How could I blame them?  I would not be “normal”.  If I have something wrong with my speach, I wouldn’t expect people to invite me to speak to a large gathering.  It’s just not considered “normal”.  Now if I am critized because I stand strong for the message of the Gospel, I would think that I would be rejected as abnormal.  But what should I think of that rejection?

This is what I posted:  If he who drinks wine from a jar critizes the wine, should the jar take offence?

The Gospel belongs to God.  It is my message as I repeat what He said and did.  I am only a jar.  He is the wine.
By His Grace


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May 14, 2010 at 10:44 am

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