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Jesus is changing me. How about you?


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When I lived in complete sin I took no positive notice of religion.  I had heard others talk about their experiences and likes/dislikes of religion.  I didn’t take much of my brain to tell me these people were living a lie.   To them Religion might have been important, but there was nothing in what they said to make me desire to get involved with their religious endevors.

Then I met Jesus and fell head over heals into a life of faith.  I’m not a good man.  I’m not even a fair to middlin Christian.  But the Lord I serve is, not only alive, but is capable of helping draw me into eternally good things.  I’m not a religious person.  I’m a child of God in Christ Jesus through the faith God grants me. 

Think of your “religion”.  Is it a series of do’s and don’t’s?  Is there an active God in your world?  When you have a problem face you do you litterally have a conversation with the Lord?  Or when times come when you think you need God’s help, take a hand full of words and throw them at the sky? 

I know Jesus!  I know who He is.  And more importantly, He knows who I am and who you are.  We do not save ourselves.  If you come at salvation and God through your own good things, you will never reach Him.  Only in a realization of our own miserable failure do we find the humility sufficient to gain His favor.  The pride of man will be crushed. 

I hope this post has helped someone to think through their bag of lies and find that single truth the Lord Himself put there: JESUS.

By His Grace.


Written by buttermilk80

May 1, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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