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People are seeking to identify the “anti christ”.  Most expect to see the predominate figure of satan’s kingdom in the bodily form of a man.  Indeed, there will be and are certain people who will stand more visable than others in the evil realm.  But there is an understanding that might lead to a more productive conclusion:

We look for 666 as a sign of identy for evil.  Consider this:  God is 3.  The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit.  Then there is the 4th: the Holy Angels.  The 5th would be the fallen angels (those who rebelled at the Father’s rule.  6th is man, blind to the glory of the Lord of Hosts, and able to be saved regardless of their sin due to this blindness.  7th is the rest of creation. 

3 represents perfect.  7 represents completion.  3 sixes would represent a perfect man oriented world without the aknowledgment of God’s right to rule over them.  In this sense, I see the world quickly running away from God and running to self rule.

666 could well represent the state of affairs we see around us now.  Without the influance of God’s rule in their lives, people are quickly falling prey to lies and a self rule “peace”.  Consider what was said by the Lord: “When they are saying ‘peace, peace’ then the end will come”.  Therefore, 666 is a general tendency for man to reject the rule of God.  Though there will be leaders, those leaders rule over those who chose to reject their creator. It’s a flavor of living more than an individual.

Just a thought.


Written by buttermilk80

April 15, 2010 at 2:25 pm

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