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A slimy frog

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Run over a bulgy, slimy, croakin frog with your car and what do you
get? Why, ya get a flat frog! That’s what ya get. He was doin quite
well before you came along. But since you were in your car you hardly
noticed the slight vertical jolt. Perhaps you were talking to someone
beside you. Or maybe you were admiring the lovely swamp scene. Or
(perhaps the best case scenario) maybe you squished em while avoiding
that gator.

If you’ve read my posts before, you likely think I’ve lost my
marbles. “Yep….. He’s gone and lost it.” But I do have a Christian
point to make.

How many of us are, spiritually speaking, prettier than a bulgy,
slimy, croakin frog? And how many times have we been run over by a
distracted Christian? Don’t it just flatten our hearts to be hurt by
someone who should have loved us? And don’t we go off cryin to our
Father that we don’t feel so good? Now, mind you, I’m not making fun
of taking our troubles to our Heavenly Father. I’m striving for a
certain point. Hang on with me just a bit more. Here it comes.

Notice in my story of the flattened frog I presented reasons we would
all excuse. We wouldn’t blame the driver for what happened. Not that
very many really care about frogs anyway. But just as a matter of
sincerity. Ok, we got hurt. It is possible our pain is being
misdirected. Remember His words: “Father, forgive them. For they
know not what they do.”

With all love and respect for the “called out ones”


Written by buttermilk80

April 9, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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